Respect the people who stay true to themselves (Christina Damayanti)
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Respect the people who stay true to themselves

This post will be written in english, since there are several people I want to understand what it's about. 

For many years ago I was sitting on a sidewalk in Italy. I was crying so hard and I seriously didn't know how I was going to keep on living. It felt like the whole world had collapsed. And out of nowhere a woman came to me, and was so kind. She comforted me and even though I couldn't understand a word of what she said, she reminded me of how many good people there still are, in the world.

This woman was a prostitute. I didn't know at the time, but I got to know by a another persons warning, "You should stay away from her, she is a whore!"
I remember the first thing that popped in my head. Even though she might be a whore, look cheap and do stupid things for a living, it doesn't define her as a person, and deffinitly not her soul. When I was sitting by the street and there where so many who just walked right past me. I was a thirteen year old girl, in a foreign country, with a langua

ge I couldn't understand and there where so many people who just walked right past me. Important people, with expensive clothes, nice watches, mothers with children and strollers, but they didn't take a minute of their lives to stop and ask if I was okay. But the one person, so many people would jugde just by her apperance, or job, actually stopped and cared. 

Understand what I am trying to say here? Even though if a person looks different, has a special hair color, a weird taste of clothing, "screaming" shoes or what not, it really doesn't say anything about their heart. It doesn't say weither the person is friendly, mean, intelligent, sad or happy. 

At least for me, it really doesn't matter how anyone looks, but what does matter is if the person would be there for me in my time of need. Those people who are so high on them selves that they just jugde everybody who don't look exactly like themselves, are the ones that DON'T deserve resepect. - So just forget them, don't care, live your life and be PROUD! 

Here are some pictures from yesterdays christmas party! With my gorgeous, Addi <3

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    Heei, kan du lage en sminkevideo eller et innlegg om hvordan sminke du bruker å hvordan du legger det på? :)
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